Immediate Dentures Consent

Immediate Dentures Consent V2

Background Information for Patients Considering
Immediate Denture(s):

Before treatment is commenced I would like you to read the following important information. If after reading this information you have any questions inrelation to any aspect of your treatment please ask.

What is an Immediate Denture?
An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth/tooth.

What are the advantages of an immediate denture?
There are several advantages of an immediate denture. You will need to appear in public without teeth and it is easier to duplicate the shape, colour and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth. 

When an immediate denture is inserted at the time of extraction, it can act as a “bandaid” to protect the tissues and reduce bleeding. An immediate denture will allow you to establish your speech patterns early. You will not have to learn how to speak without a denture in place and then later relearn to speak with a new denture. An immediate denture will also allow you to chew better than without any teeth and minimise facial distortion that may occur when teeth are removed.

What are the disadvantages of an immediate denture?
An immediate denture is initially more expensive than a conventional denture because of additional time is needed for consultation, treatment planning and construction. More follow up visits and need for adjustments are needed. A soft temporary reline material will be utilised for re-fitting your denture when it becomes loose during the healing process. After the soft tissues have healed and shrinkage of the underlying bone has occurred (about three to six months following extraction), the immediate denture must be finalised by a permanent reline. At this time, you will be for the relining.

Your doctor will discuss with you the pros and cons of a permanent reline versus making a new denture, to help you make to decision. A major advantage to making a new denture is that the immediate denture can be a spare denture, if the new denture breaks, is misplaced, or has to be repaired or relined in the laboratory.  If the immediate denture is relined, it will usually need to be left overnight while it is permanently relined in the laboratory.

How long does it take to complete?
Dependant on your situation, the process can take up to 10 visits over a 3 - 4 month period for the fabrication and surgical phases of treatment. Many patients will find that the process is much quicker. The fabrication phase consists of impressions, bite records, tooth selection and try-in appointments. On the day of delivery, you will be seen by a dentist in oral surgery appointment for extraction of the appropriate teeth, followed by immediate insertion of the immediate denture. Timing complications can arise, yet you will be notified, if this is the case.

Post-Operative Appointments
These appointments will need be be kept to ensure that the surgical phase is progressing satisfactory and on going maintenance of the denture are adequate and addressed when needed

Health Funds:
Any quotation includes the Australian Dental Associations scheduled item numbers and tooth identification if applicable. These numbers are recognised by the health funds. I answer to you for the services that I provide and the fees that I charge. That is your right and my responsibility. Your insurer answers to you for the rebates they give. That is your right and their responsibility. It is neither my responsibility nor my right to be involved in that relationship.

Finally if you should have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask

Consent for Treatment:
Immediate Denture(s)

This is my consent to provide the dental treatment as indicated in this form:

  • I have any of the provided ADA handout for this course of treatment.
  • I have received a written or verbal quotation and I am clear on the costs involved in this course of treatment.
  • I have given the practice a full, complete and up to date medical and medications history.
  • I am aware that a specialist referral is available for this procedure
  • I fully understand the entire document and the what the treatment entails including advantages, disadvantages, limitations, risks.
  • The treating dental practitioner has explained the known possible complications of and alternative treatments.
  • The treating dental practitioner has answered all of my questions to my full satisfaction.
  • I understand that the results of the treatment can not be guaranteed.
  • I give my permission and consent for the treatment to be performed.
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Anton Nicosia
Anton Nicosia
Great dental team - friendly, helpful & explained everything to me.
Christa Michaelis
Christa Michaelis
I had a tooth fitted with a crown today, following removal of an old filling. This was the second crown i had done here within eight months, in between I had my teeth cleaned and a filling as well. I can't speak highly enough of all the team members I have met, -dentists, technicians and reception staff. Everybody is friendly and competent. Procedures are carried out gently and painlessly, with a lot of consideration for patient comfort. A very impressive 3-D-printer-like piece of machinery (see picture) enables the team to manufacture crowns in-house which means you don't have to attend twice. Can't wait to go back - already booked my next appointment ! 😉 I highly recommend Encounter Bay Dental to anyone in need of dental work!
Brian Thorpe
Brian Thorpe
Very good experience. Had root canal work done on infected tooth. Was able to get in the day after I phoned for an appointment. Would have had to wait 2 weeks to get in to see local dentist. Dentist very professional and explained procedure being done. Will definitely change to this dentist for any future work.👍👍👍
julie jordan
julie jordan
Was fitted in at short notice with a very troublesome tooth. I can’t speak more highly about every aspect of the care taken & attention given to a fairly complex situation. Top notch! Highly recommended & I’ll be back!
Cindy Headon
Cindy Headon
Professional, compassionate an EXCELLENT Customer Service. "It's a YES from Me" !!! Thank you so very much Georgia and Cipi. With thanks so very much and Regards, Cindy 😆😆😆
I am a new client as we just moved in down the road and so very happy with the quality of the work and all the staff where wonderful. Cheers
Ramsey June
Ramsey June
Had a really good experience, no fuss got the job done, friendly dentist, would recommend